Huge discrepancy between rBTC and BTC price

Has anyone else noticed the huge gap between the rBTC price on Sovryn and the BTC market price? It’s around $900 the last day or so. I haven’t paying attention to the rBTC price recently on Sovryn. How long has it been this way?

I would be tempted to arbitrage, but the time delays on the network to transfer assets make it not worth the lost rewards to me. So I’m wondering how this discrepancy is ever going to be arbitraged away.

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There are users who have funds on both chains who can arbitrage effectively!

It goes both ways. It can be higher aswell during hype!

As we get more users, and faster bridges, it will become a smaller, and smaller, spread.


Indeed. It’s an easy way to accumulate small gains if you have funds on rsk as well as another chain, and actively keep an eye on the exchange rates. As Wilder says, that spread will get progressively smaller.

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I’ve seen it around $300 out of line before, but I couldn’t see a way to make enough to justify the effort so I stopped paying attention. Has it gotten this far out of line before? I don’t remember seeing it.

900 is extreme, that only happens for mere moments in times of significant BTC volatility.

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It was $800-900 all weekend and was as high as $1800 since last night. It suddenly closed to about $300, probably because of my post here. :slight_smile: I couldn’t move funds fast enough to capitalize on it because I didn’t already have everything in place.

Were you trying to buy rbtc with xusd on the sov dapp and then going to send the rbtc somewhere and sell it for usdt or were you following a different plan?

I would simultaneously buy rBTC with XUSD or rUSDT and sell BTC on an exchange to avoid extra volatility risk. And then restock my exchange BTC with the rBTC I transferred out.

How can I get USDT in my RSK wallet? Sovryn doesn’t seem to provide a way to do it. I tried using but I’m getting a failed transaction with error “Fail with error ‘AllowTokens: Lower than limit’”. I was sending more than the minimum 10 USDT that the page indicates.