Initial BTC Deposit

G’day all - sorry for the newbie question.

I transferred 100AUD (73 USD or so) of BTC onto my Wallet here (for FISH - late to the party unfortunately).

When it got here, it’s been whittled down to about $45 USD worth.

Am I missing something, I know the fee’s for that shouldn’t be that high.

Just wanted to run through a test before I move anymore, but any advice here would be awesome.

Cheers :wave:

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Did you transfer it via the Sovryn bridge to rBTC @stretch42 ?

I came here to post the same. I did a test transfer of $10 worth of BTC and ended up with $7.70 rBTC. Wondering if I transfer a larger amount I will get the same?

I use Brave. Installed Metamask via the instructions on this site. Used Strike app to send the $10.

Ahhhh, that would explain it. I sent it via the Liquidity Wallet (BTC to rBTC).

Rookie mistake I guess - so I need to use this instead right?

Thanks heaps

Sovryn Bridge works well. I’m not sure what the fees on Liquality’s RBTC conversion are, but I assume a flat fee. I’d highly recommend going through this Wiki beforehand: