Converting RBTC to BTC. Getting Stuck

I am having some trouble converting some RBTC to BTC. This is my first time trying to do this. I watched the YouTube video with Mags walking you through it. I got all the way to setting the Gas Limit in the Nifty wallet to 100,000 like she said. I kept getting an error message though, stating “insufficient funds”, although I checked and double checked, and confirmed I was only trying to convert a small percentage of RBTC compared to what I had available in the wallet. I then just left the Gas Limit at 21000 as default, as that was the only way to click Submit, and then let her rip. When I click transaction details it says 4,570 confirmations so far, however the Result line item gives me an Error message (Awaiting internal transactions for reason). Not sure what that means. What am I doing wrong?

I also attempted to convert a small amount of RBTC to BTC using the new LN-SOV bridge, but have had no luck there as well. I followed the directions, seemed pretty simple. Transaction details look good. It said it was “Successful”. However, no BTC has appeared in my Muun wallet, and the RBTC has been successfully sent out of my Liquality wallet. Where did it go?

I love Bitcoin, but I’m new to DeFi. I love everything about what Sovyrn stands for, but I need help converting RBTC to BTC. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Are you doing a transaction above the FastBTC minimum? FastBTC Relay | SOVRYN

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Yes I did. I tried converting .009 RBTC to BTC using the RSK bridge tutorial shown in the YouTube video. I also tried using the LN-SOV bridge using the .001 RBTC minimum. I have not had success using either.

FastBTC can only go BTC → RBTC right now. @Ratherfish is trying to go RBTC → BTC. Presumably using the Powpeg.

21000 gas limit is definitely not enough. Not sure what exactly the error in the explorer means but almost certainly there is an out of gas error.

There’s a lot that could be going wrong here, unfortunately. Try these troubleshooting steps, in this order:

  1. Make sure your wallet is on the correct network (RSK Mainnet)
  2. Make sure Gas Limit is at least 100,000 and Gas Price is 0.06 gwei
  3. Make sure your wallet has enough RBTC in it to cover Withdraw Amount + (Gas Limit * Gas Price)

You can also double-check the instructions in the RBTC to BTC conversion section on this page to make sure you’re not missing an important step:

The LNSOV bridge is testnet only right now. I’m surprised that it actually took the RBTC out of your wallet (unless that was testnet RBTC, which I’m guessing it wasn’t?). cc @pseudozach @kris

Woops! Misread that a bit. Thanks for the clarification, I have yet to attempt the this conversion so I can’t offer much input.

Sorry my response to this didn’t get sent out…

as @light mentioned, currently LNSOV bridge is on testnet. We’re deploying to mainnet shortly, please give another try initially with a small amount :) and let us know how it goes for you.