Binance to Sovryn

Hi Guys

Apologies if this is a silly question…

I am trying to sent BTC from Binance to Sovryn Metamask wallet.
After entering wallet address, I am asked to select a Transfer Network:

On Binance App -

On Web Binance -
Binance Chain (BNB)
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Ethereum ETH

Which one do I select, I have already lost $50 on a trial deposit!




Why sent to MM? Generate your rBTC and send them there directly, choosing BTC

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I don’t believe Binance supports rBTC so I can’t send rBTC from there?

It is $28.46 per withdrawal from Binance as BTC and I would like to be sure it will all work.
I already did a $50 trial and it disappeared into the ether somewhere!

If I can send BTC to Metamask wallet on SOV, I can then convert to rBTC and purchase SOV.
That was the plan anyway :slight_smile:

It is quite a lot of money in my world that I am sending.

I opened a ticket with Metamask so hopefully they get back.


YOU CAN’T send BTC to MM. Don’t do that!
YOU CAN’T send directly BTC to rBTC (nor to any RSK platform)

Easy way
-You can use Sovryn’s FastBTC: it generates a unique BTC address for you and internally converts those BTC to rBTC and “deposits” them in your RSK Mainnet address.


Thnaks CEK. I have done that and it has arrived safely!! :grinning: :grinning:
There is a top up rBTC option with these instructions:

Get rBTC

Deposit BTC or fiat to receive rBTC in your wallet
Deposit limits:
• MIN: 0.0004BTC
• MAX: 1
BTC Instructions:

• Do not deposit anything other than BTC

Hello guys,

a newbie here - I was searching which transfer network I should use to transfer BTC from binance and I guess the answer is BTC network (need to be sure since it haves a fee of almost 30$ ^^). I’m guessing this is the only way.

Thank you,

Hi! There is another (tricky) cheaper way:
-Buy RIF with your BTC on Binance
-Send those RIF to your RSK mainnet wallet
-On RSK Swap App (Uniswap fork) swap those RIF for rBTC.


Thanks CEK,
I have all done now. This definitely looks like a process i could screw up lol
The Metamask wallet I have on Sovryn allowed me to send BTC direct from Coinbase (or Binance) to it.
When the BTC arrived, it had already been converted to rBTC.
It was all simple enough but the first trial £500 took a very long time to arrive! Was next day, was sure I had messed up as BTC was not even a coin option in the wallet.

Hi everybody,
I did like Paul said (set the RSK Mainnet on metamask, engage my wallet, then I transfered from binance to the address generated when I clicked at top up rBTC). I did it 12hrs ago and until now the funds aren’t in my wallet. Has anybody took this long like this?

Hi Thiago
I sent from Coinbase to Metamask wallet on Sovryn. I sent in evening and it hadn’t appeared before bedtime.
It was not there in the morning so I presumed I was in trouble.
When I returned home from work it was in my wallet as rBTC, so all good.

There is hope yet!

A further 2 deposits were much quicker!

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Just to let you know.
Everything ok. It tooks 25 hours to complete the transaction.

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i think this still working too slow for depositing BTC

I want to join the SOV USDT staking but how will I move USDT from my Binance account to my RSK supported wallet?

Hi, Like you I had the same query… I withdrawing BTC from binance to FastBTC sovran address. The BTC network fees are much more expensive than the BNB (BEP2) and the BSC. Would any of this 2 networks have been an option for the transfer?

On Binance App -
BEP2 - fee 0.1usd
BEP20 (BSC) - fee 0.1usd
BTC - fee 20usd
ERC20 - fee 35 usd

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Wow that worked… took a while to suss out the instructions but it passed with minimum fees

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