rBTC to NanoX BTC wallet

Firstly, sorry if this question is showing my ignorance. If I want to send some of my rBTC in the future back to my BTC wallet on my NanoX ledger, " How do I send rBTC from my Metamask wallet to the NanoX BTC wallet please?"
Will RSK convert it back to my BTC address ?
Cheers Michael

As far as I know rBTC is not supported by NanoX wallet. You will have to convert your rBTC to BTC (Via Liquality wallet or send your rBTC to Kucoin and exchange it to BTC) to send to NanoX. Having said that the Sovryn is working on a rBTC to BTC conversion like the FastBTC (which converts BTC to rBTC), so in the near future you can change your rBTC to BTC directly from Sovryn.

Thank you Karabela,

Know that Ledger does not support rBTC so that is Great News sovryn are working on a reverse “FastBTC”. Have a Kucoin wallet so if need be will transfer from Metamask to Ledger via Kucoin to convert to BTC.( may have been in crypto now for 5 yrs but still have trouble keeping up with the 50 plus project that I have invested in, Sovryn being my latest )

That is again great news for the project you will soon have a reverse Fastbtc conversion . That will make me a much happier & confident user also the hand full of people I have set up with the Sovryn App. They would find moving via kucoin complicated & too much bother. ( or I would end up being a very busy friend )

Again, thank you Karabela for the update & your efforts

Cheers Michael

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