For Folks getting Stuck in Liquality Wallet

Hey all - some folks on the forum gave me some clues to fixing this so walking you through what worked for me.

  1. DO NOT MOVE 100% of RBTC from the Liquality Wallet. Not only will this prevent SOV Staking, it creates an insolvent condition that prevents BTC-RBTC swap in the wallet.

  2. As a different post mentioned - KuCoin allows for BTC-RBTC trade so you can send native RBTC directly to your Liquality Wallet and fix this condition.

  3. The Liquality Wallet insolvent condition tells you to post on Telegram for help. Scammers will call you and try to get you to post your seed phrase online to “troubleshoot”. Liquality is in Spain and was no help at all. I am using MetaMask now.

  4. I can now successfully Stake SOV and add to Liquidity successfully but learned my lesson to leave RBTC for Gas in the account.

Thanks to others for posting their experiences - it helped!


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