Missing coins from wallet

Missing sov coins missing from portfolio
No sign off transactions also had staked no history
Using liquidity wallet

I’ve read there were some issues with Liquality. Your SOV haven’t gone anywhere, I’m sure. I’d ask around in the Discord or Telegram, you will find your answers there.

are your tokens only not showing in wallet?
did you check in rsk block exploer. if tokens are there then this is that usual liquality problem. they are working to fix that.

Had to reinstall wallet solved problem
For reply’s

I don’t know if I did something wrong, on the 3rd of August I sent BTC and bought some SOVs, at that time they appeared in sovryn’s portfolio but they never went to my wallet. I have re-entered but I no longer see anything available, please could you help me. Thanks

Ask in the Discord or Telegram, Edward. This forum isn’t for basic technical support. Provide some more information about what wallet you used etc and people will help you; you will find your answers there.