Lost sovryn, I need HELP!

hello all, I closed my window that I had opened for months with my sovryn portfolio and then I eventually reopened them and connected my liquidity wallet, but for some reason I have no sovryn in my portfolio anymore and I cannot find it, can someone please help me!?

Liquality had some issues last week.
Please, do this:

  • Backup your seeds
  • Reinstall Liquality
  • Configure Liquality as default web3:
    Preparing to be SOVRYN | Sovryn Wiki (point 3)
  • Clear your browser cache and restart it.

    (You need to disable all other browser extension wallets, if any)

This happened to me today. Are you suggesting this is a Liquidity problem? CEK’s advice work for you? Any update? Thanks.

Hi! If you see 0 balances in Liquality it’s due it is showing you another RSK address derived with another derivation path (you own this address also but it isn’t your original address).
Follow that steps and Liquality will generate your original RSK address (with funds associated to it)

Had some problems with Liquality myself today, there was an update and default setting is to show your Rootstock address, which will be empty. You need to change it to “Legacy Rootstock” which is your old address with funds.