Help - Liquality wallet not connecting

I am using Chrome and liquality wallet.
This morning I tried connecting my wallet by pressing Liquality (Refer to the screenshot.) but nothing happen. I last logged in 4 weeks back.
I’ve tried clearing cache and data but still getting the same result.
My Chrome is up to date.

Sorry for annoying question. But have you tried Contronl+shift+r (or command+shift+r on Mac) on the dapp and closing other broswer wallet extensions?

If that still doesnt work please send a ticket to helpdesk so we can resolve this issue Support : Sovryn.

I remember I had a similar problem with Metamask seeming to freeze, so nothing happens.
I found that if I start Metamask on its own and login, and then click ‘Connect Wallet’ on the dApp, it worked.
Might be worth a try