Liquality extension on Brave

Hi, guys, not sure if it’s just me, or anybody else have problems with connecting to Liquality on Brave?
After I click here on “Liquality”, a new tab opens with Liquality website, but I have an extension installed on Brave already

Hi @Yorkie I am not having any issues connecting with Liquality on Brave. Do you have any browser extensions or settings that might be interfering? Is Brave set to use Liquality as the Web3 wallet? What version of Brave and what OS are you on?

Hi @light I use Brave Version 1.29.80 Chromium: 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 desktop. I have only Liquality extension installed, tried different settings in Wallet tab, no difference.
How do you set Brave to use Liquality as the Web3 wallet?
In the meantime I tried to use Chrome browser with only Liquality extension installed, with same effect.
I believe that it may be a problem with the extension, which was updated to version 0.41.0 just yesterday. I got in touch with Liquality support, but they are slow to respond.

Somehow I got it working on Chrome, but not on Brave, which is my first choice browser. Thanks for the help.

In Brave Settings → Wallet have “Ethereum provider for using Dapps” set as “Custom” and switch off “Load Crypto Wallets on startup”.

I tested a tx and was able to use in latest Brave + Liquality 0.42.0 on Linux. I don’t have a Windows machine to test with. Glad you got it working on Chrome though! Hopefully Liquality gets back to you so they can debug what’s going on.

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