Trying to engage liquality wallet

I keep getting taken to the download page even though liquality add-on is installed. Ubuntu 20. Any help please?

this happened to me as well. i restarted the computer and tried later and it worked fine, unclear what the issue was

I have had the same trouble. I thought that this happens to me when I try to connect to my wallet before putting my password into my liquality wallet. Either way it usually works after signing in and out of my wallet and refreshing the sov app.

I’ve also had issues with this. In fact, I couldn’t connect (engage the wallet - even though I was logged in to Liquality) for over a month on Chrome. Still can’t actually. Finally, I downloaded the Brave browser, added Liquality to that and it worked fine. Had the same issue earlier today actually on Brave for the first time. Restarted my computer and it worked fine.