Wallet not connected - staking


I try to do staking but I always get the message to connect the wallet (MetaMask). In all other sections I can operate normally. I am using Brave updated and have rebooted, deleted browsing data, deactivated other wallets…

I also don’t see any button to connect the wallet in the staking section (in others, I do). I can manually connect MetaMask and see that it is connected to bitocracy.sovryn.app, but the app still says it is not connected.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Edit: I forgot to mention that in recent versions of the app it worked alright.

Edit2: I must be doing something wrong because the problem now happens in all sections of the site (although i have been able to operate normally a few minutes ago). I don’t think it happens to all users, it must be something of mine. I’m going to investigate a little further.

I think I found what I was doing wrong: I was supposed to engage the wallet from the app itself. It is not enough to connect from MetaMask, even if it says that the app has access to the wallet.

It is mandatory to connect FROM the app, going through the “physical wallet, mobile or browser” selection. Otherwise it doesn’t seem to work (at least for me).

Maybe this information can be helpful for somebody.