SOV or RBTC no showing in Metamask

Hello, SOV or RBTC use to show up in my Metamask online wallet. I have not logged in for about two years. I logged in now and nothing is showing. I then link to Metamask at the Sovryn site and it says my portfolio is ZERO ‘0’. Could someone please help to understand why?
Last time I loooed in two years ago, I think the Sovryn site was linking to my Metamask account.
Thank you.

Hello there. Why don’t you open a ticket? Go to and on the bottom right side there is a little button where you can open a ticket. Alternatively go to the official site on discord and describe your issue under “tech support”.
There is a good chance that the parameters might have changed over the last two years. I have no idea what I am talking about so I am just guessing. Just double check

Network Name:RSK Mainnet
Chain ID: 30
Currency Symbol: RBTC
Chain’s currency name: RBTC
Chain’s currency decimals: 18
Block Explorer URL:

If you try getting help on discord or Telegram make sure not to interact with people who dm you first. That is most likely always a scam. Stay safe.

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Thank you AllRoads. I did go to discord. I was messaged by Name: EnriqueMO - enrique098090 to go to: - i did and opened a ticket - the person said I needed to do the asset recovery process. Then said they could see my coins but were not attached to my account because I had not logged in for a while. They were asking me if I had a more recently used wallet with transactions that would work to transfer to. I said no - they asked if I had a wallet with any coins in it to transfer to- I said no - they said I needed to open a new wallet and deposit a minimum of 0.3ETH to be active enough to re-activate my SOV - I said that was nonsense - they closed the ticket. I copied the address - here is what I got:
I went back into Discord and the messages to me were all deleted… lol attempted scam.
Discord did not help. Iwill try again - but I cannot ind where to raise a ticket at
Can you help with that - there is no link in the bottom right side?
Thank you.

appears instantly at