BTC not showing up

Hi guys. So i sent some btc to the sovryn app and it isnt showing up on my wallet. In the bottom (under top-up history) the btc that i sent over but its stuck there. Its not showing up in the wallet under btc. i can see the BTC Deposit ID but the RSK relay hash is empty.

Would appreciate any help guys.

Yep me too…I just sent some money to the address using fast BTC.
It’s showing as a top up underneath but not in my wallet or showing as BTC above?

Its there now…thanks

We understand user concern and / or confusion.

Please be aware that if you made the transfer, that your funds will not be lost. They will arrive eventually on your wallet.

There are some issues, that do not put funds at risk, that we are aware of, and the devteam will look into tomorrow during the work day in European Time. even we have to sleep.

Please be patient. IF your funds have not shown up on in the sovryn dapp within the next day, please post a message with your transaction id in the technical-support channel in discord:

Hi. Who can help me with some information: I have transferred 2 days ago RBTC from Sovryn/Metamask to the BTC address in Binance and they haven’t arrived yet. What should I do?. The transaction in RSK explorer show me that status is successful.
Would appreciate any help.

I believe you have lost your funds buddy, rBTC and BTC aren’t the same. rBTC is the equivalent of BTC on the RSK network, but they do not interact on the same addresses. So you basically sent coins to an address that cannot “read” what it received. Sorry for that

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hi there - I believe I have the same issue… I sent some btc to the FastBTC address (confirmed tx) but have not received any rBTC on Sovryn yet… connected to Sovryn via my ledger/rsk app… appreciate any help… I was unable to find much info on the fastbtc mechanisms

Same here. Transferred with rbtc -BTC, showing as completed yet, i do not see the funds in the wallet.

Is there any method to send BTC or USDT from Sovryn to some of exchanges?

please open a ticket including a transaction id from the block explorer and your wallet address at our help desk

please open a ticket including a transaction id from the block explorer and your wallet address at our help desk

I’m having the exact same issue. Top-Up history is showing my deposit but funds don’t appear above in the trade/swap window. Any known solution to this? I’m unable to file a ticket on the help desk. I keep getting the popup that captcha failed.

Please use the technical support channel in discord: