FastBTC Transaction confirmed but funds not showing in Sovryn

Hi all,

I used FastBTC service on the Sovryn app and got to step 5, got a personal deposit address to send the Bitcoin to as described on Fast BTC Relay | SOVRYN Wiki.

I sent some Bitcoin to that address over 21 hours ago and there has been 117 confirmations on the transaction but it is not showing in my Sovryn Portfolio tab as RTBC.

Please can someone please assist?

Many thanks

Maybe it’s a problem with the browser cache as mentioned in this post?

It talks about the staking interface, but maybe the same thing is happening in your case.

Worth a try

You should contact devs on discord. 21 hours ago is too long

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I had similar issue when topped up with FastBTC . Transaction was confirmed but funds not showed up in account. After i cleared the brauser cache, funds appeared. Also found out that if using Nifty wallet and Metamask with different brausers one of them needs to be disabled if working with other.
Hope that helps someone with similar case.

All sorted now, not 100% what sorted it exactly but cleared cache, reloaded dapp, re connected wallet etc and my funds arrived after a while, I think there was just a bit of a delay but all good and staked now.
Thanks all