rBTC top-up using FastBTC

I am trying to exchange BTC for RBTC using FastBTC. Two of the messages read: “Always be sure to check the BTC deposit address as FastBTC gets updated” and “If rBTC is not visible on your wallet after 60 mins open a support ticket”.
Is the BTC deposit address I am given a permanent or temporary address, or is there a time limit the address is valid for? The BTC I will send is earning interest therefore won’t be sent till the next working day. Obviously I don’t want to risk the BTC getting lost.

When you click the button the actual and correct fastBTC address is shown to you. So whenever you are ready to send your BTC get the address directly from there. Send… and wait for rBTC arrival in your wallet.

The mentioned messages are (in my opinion) geared towards eg users from exchanges, where you can save a withdrawal address… but then after some time they won’t work anymore. I don’t know how often they change… but it’s not like hourly. (Guess weekly or something like that)

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