SOV/RBTC Pool I cant see deposit

Goood evening, i am new to crypto and seriously convinced on this project. As i am new to the crypto game and no native speaker this question might be a little bit weird.

Today i have provided 10 SOV and the equivalent in rBTC to the SOV/rBTC pool but i cant see my deposit anywhere, what happened to the deposit?

Can anybody tell me? Is it los ?

Hi! The user interface is not showing some pool supplies.
You can always check the ultimate truth in the blockchain.
-Paste your RSK Mainnet Address in the RSK Block Explorer:
-Click on “Tokens” tab
There you will see all your tokens, including the SOV/RBTC pool token (WR)BTC/SOV.
If you have some (WR)BTC/SOV, then relax.
I guess next week the UI will show them

Oh yes i even just found on the telegram the pool adress of the SOV/rBTC Pool.

Is it also possible to add the USDT and rBTC Pool into metamask?

some how i am not really confident with that blockexplorer, i will try to figure out the other pool adresses.
Thank you a lot, i love this project this is just amazing, crypto in general as a new guy it seems like world changing in my eyes.

You can add custom token in your MM if you want to “see it” there.
Also you can paste your RSK address in blockscout and go to Tokens tab
There, also, you will see all the Pool tokens you have and their addresses to add to your MM

Ohkay i just figured out, how to add the custom pools to the metamask wallet. What about SOV/rBTC Pool providers, will they earn any rewards?

Yes! LPs of SOV/rBTC earns fees of swaps in that pool and there is a Liquidity Minning Program now where you also earn SOV (75k SOV will be distributed to the SOV/rBTC LPs)

Hey cek, i have another issue now relating to the reward for liquidityy pool. when i go to market making the ui says quote

Your Current Share Of Reward Pool*: 0.00%

Your Current Share Of Reward Pool*: 0

allthough i have deposited into both pools usdt and rbtc i earn 0 reward is that possible or maybe just because there are not enough .digits to show the small percentage i have commited to the pools ?

Maybe it is due to the UI bug.
Also if you supply “tiny” amount compared to the pool size, percentage digits in UI are not enough.
Wait until next week just in case.