New to Sovryn - some help please

Hi guys,

New to Sovryn so bear with me, I have two issues.

I’m using the liquality wallet.

  1. I bought SOV with rBTC and after that I wanted to deposit the SOV (Liquidity-mining) in the SOV/rBTC pool.
    I selected 100% from my available balance of 6.3 SOV but the ‘Deposit’ buttons remains disabled.
    What’s wrong … ? … do I need to also have enough rBTC for the TX Fee ? … is the amount of SOV too small ? I’m a noob and I don’t
    get it.

  1. Second issue is that I get a error when trying to move ETH from Ethereum chain to the RSK chain by using the bridge.
    I connect the wallet and after that I get “Transaction aborted - User denied transaction signature”
    By reading the wiki I’ve seen that there is a bug with the Liquality wallet. Should I use Metamask for this step ?

After that I want to deposit ETH in the ETH/rBTC pool.


please use the technical support channel in discord: