SOV / RBTC Liquality issue - STUCK

5/27 - I moved BTC to RBTC and bought 30.60793693 SOV, I tried staking the SOV and had 2 RBTC token requests for 0 RBTC approved. Since then - I have had “Insufficient funds” to do ANYTHING on RSK. Liquality suggested buying more RBTC. I had already tried that yesterday and the transaction eventually reversed today due to a node error - insufficient funds. When I try to buy more RBTC from BTC (again per Liquality) there are insufficient funds. When I try to SWAP SOV for RBTC in the DAPP - I get INsufficient funds. So I cannot add RBTC, I cannot stake SOV, I cannot swap SOV. I tried to create a ticket in Freshnet and “am not an authorized user”. Can someone on the SOV team connect with the Liquality team? Or am I just stuck with a dead account???

In case it matters - DAPP shows SOV value as 30.60793693 ≈ USD 797.5396 while the Liquality Wallet shows USD value of $0

Please use the technical support channel in discord: