Looking for help depositing USDT

Dear Sovryn community, somehow i am failing to deposit USDT to my sovryn account.

What i did so far?

I bought USDT on binance and transferred USDT to my metamask wallet using the BSC Chain. Transaction got approved and the funds are visible in metamask.

Next step was i opnened sovryn dapp and went to my portfolio, on XUSD i hit deposit and selected BSC Chain and chose the USDT funds.

When i was asked to confirm the transaction in metamask it said that i have no funds to pay gas fee.

Next step was that i transferred ETH funds from my binance wallet to my metamask wallet using the BSC chain.

At first i was not able to see my ETH funds on my metamask BSC network but after adding the custom ETH token, now i can see my ETH funds in BSC Network

Even now when i hit deposit XUSD on my portfolio in sovryn dapp all goes fine until the point where i am asked to pay the fees. Metamask somehow doesn’t recognise my ETH what am i missing?

kind regards

I may be mistaken here, but on the BSC chain you might need BNB tokens to pay the fees, rather than ETH.
Try adding some BNB to the wallet, then bridge over everything to the RSK chain.

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You have to have BNB in your wallet to pay for fees. BSC uses BNB for fees.