Origin- Presale FAQ | Most Frequently asked Community Questions are Answered here

1: can we use mobile version of metamask to engage with Sovryn Dapp?

Answer: No

2: any recommended mobile BTC wallet to deposit in origin presale?

Answer: Find your self a suitable mobile wallet from Bitcoin.org

3: any recommended BTC wallet for PC?

Answer: Find yourself a suitable Bitcoin wallet for PC from Bitcoin.org

4: can we deposit rBTC too or Only BTC

Answer: Only BTC (Bitcoin)

5: Is Origin-Presale only for those who have Community tier NFT and those who participated in the genesis sale?

Answer: No. Origin sale is for anyone who joined waitlist at token.sovryn.app

6: Why it is not advise/recommended to send deposit directly from the exchange?

Answer: because you have no control over your funds in exchange. and exchange has their own withdrawal procedures and times to process withdraws. they take long time and if anything wrong happen you’ll loose your funds in between.

7: what will happen if I send more then 0.1 BTC Limit?

Answer: anything sent more then 0.1 BTC limit will be considered a donation to Sovryn protocol and will not be refunded back. so be careful and only send what is your limit (what you can afford to loose)

8: can I send less then 0.1 BTC?

Yes you can.

9: is there a minimum deposit? what is the minimum deposit?

Answer: Minimum deposit is 0.001btc

10: Can I use same wallet which I used in Genesis sale? are genesis sale participants eligible for Origin Presale?

Answer: Yes You can. Origin sale is for everyone.

11: is there a date for TGE yet?

Answer: No. we don’t have any specific Date for TGE yet.

12: what will happen if I click Redeem BTC after making deposit, in my Origin.Sovryn.app dashboard?

Answer: That button is for those who want to redeem their BTC back and don’t want to get any SOV. if you do that you will not receive any SOV.

13: How can I send BTC to my rBTC Wallet?

Answer: rBTC is a Layer 2 of BTC. you cannot send BTC to rBTC. you can think rBTC as a different coin. you can only send rBTC to rBTC wallet.

14: How can I deposit to Origin Presale if my rsk wallet doesn’t support BTC?

Answer: You can Deposit BTC Directly from any wallet you have btc to the deposit address provided by you. "See the Pinned Post in Telegram or in #Announcement channel in Discord.

15: what is the time limit to deposit BTC after I receive the email?

Answer: There is no any time limit. you can send BTC as long as we reach to the maximum limit.

16: I want to connect with Liquality wallet. but there is no option for liquality but only for metamask, what should I do?

Answer: you must disable or remove Metamask Extension from your browswer, and then install Liquality. and then it should work. if it still doesn’t then clear your browswer’s caches and cookies and then try again.

17: What wallet can I use to Engage with Sovryn.app?

Answer: to Engage with Origin.sovryn.app you can use either of MetaMask. Liquality, or rWAllet.

18: What Wallet can I use to send Deposit? and what I can’t?

You can use any BTC wallet to send deposit. and you can’t use rBTC wallet, ethereum wallet, metamask wallet and rWalllet.

19: Can I send from an Exchange wallet?

Answer: Yes you can. but do that it your own risk. we don’t advise to send from exchanges.

20: I am unable to add rsk mainnet in Metamask it keeps giving me wrong chain ID error. what should I do:

Answer: You should follow the steps here: MetaMask - RSK Developers Portal


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very useful faq. got many of my questions answered.

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The pre-sale instructions said to use a RSK wallet, but here it say use bitcoin.org, so which is it? The RSK wallet does not connect to the pre-sale wallet address generation process.

@book.ka.boom You need to use an RSK wallet (Metamask, Liquality, etc) to link to the Sovryn app. This is the wallet that will interact with Sovryn and where you will eventually see your SOV tokens.

You need a separate bitcoin wallet (see bitcoin.org) to send BTC to your unique deposit address. You will be given this address by the Sovryn app once you’ve connected using your RSK wallet.

Thanks for the reply. I was not able to make a deposit as the email instruction said nothing about the wallet requirements, only to connect your RSK wallet and generate the deposit address. I installed, setup and funded the RSK mobile wallet, only to find that nothing worked. When I asked for help in telegram and discord no one could answer my request for help. There were a number of other people also having the same issue. It was only after hours of asking and eventually giving up and going to work that posts were made referencing the requirement to use metamask.
I have now setup metamask, so I can maybe interact with Sovryn in the future.

The RSK network runs on Eth so I don’t understand why I would send btc to this metamask wallet? Can someone explain this?

Hi Martian, don’t send BTC to Metamask! RSK is layer 2 of bitcoin, which Metamask can see - but even RSK can’t receive BTC. First you have to convert your BTC TO RBTC (the RSK equivalent), then you can send it to your RSK address in Metamask.

Note that RBTC is only required as gas fees for interacting with your SOV (staking, lending, etc) - you don’t need it unless you want to interact.