How to get USDT to Sovryn?

New user here, but quickly exploring. I see some fantastic rates on USDT through the platform. However, I’m not sure how to actually get them on the platform. I’ve been able to do the BTC to RBTC quite quickly. Any help would be appreciated.

USDT is a standart ERC20 token, so the transaction are not cheap also you need to convert USDT to rUSDT in “

Aaahh, that explains it. Thanks QuanGonJinn. The Tokenbridge transaction takes 24-48 hours and is very expensive. Then again, maybe its worth it because SOV offers arbitrage opportunities that require USDT to capitalize.

Yep it is expensive. I use rBTC that way is not so complicated for normal user.

What about if the USDT was send through BSC?

You need bridge to cross between networks this is for ethereum and rsk. I think the devs are building bridge for bsc and rsk, if you send it directly it won’t come up in rsk, so you need to research how to undo it if possible.