Some thoughts on how to maintain trading momentum

I think this is known, but I would still like to reiterate some things.

Sov trading is going phenomenally well. I believe we have a strong fire going, and it can be maintained with a few pieces of timely firewood.

Main thing here is listings, for a few reasons:

  • more liquidity
  • onboards more amateur users
  • getting on some dexes will cause us to appear on coingecko or similar, which will drive exposure

I think this is already known, but I just want to reiterate it.


Getting on dexes first makes sense:
1 It is a fitting tribute to decentralization
2 first round of onboarders are crypto enough to setup RSK mainnet and use fastBTC ; second round of users will be crypto enough to trade from their wallet using a ‘regular’ dex.
This builds a core of strong handed holders, which will be a good brace for listing on centralized exchanges. The liquidity and exposure is high on centralized exchanges, but the quality of the hands is much lower, since that is where everyone and their degen grandma trades. Having already built a good community of holders will allow us to benefit from the new liquidity while mitigating the problems with more degenerate buyers.

Thanks for reading.


I agree with you.

Listing on dexes would give us more exposure, create bigger hype, new ppl would come to know SOVRYN and maybe some whales could pickup the project.

I think that we need a good DEX first to propel the price higher, then get a good CEX listing to make it easy for the ppl that dont know how to, are scared to or just dont like to buy from apps like SOV. Some ppl just want to buy projects on regular cexes, they trust them and it is just easyer for them. buy, sell, swing, scalp,…

and it would be great for us to be able to look at SOV on Tradigview, that alone would benefit the price.

otherwise you are 100% right bro…

Anyway, just my take on it.


Dear Sovryners,

  • Having $SOV being easily accessible in charting tools such a TradingView is great. Many people who are looking at SOV price chart currently are handicapped by the lack of history and ability to do TAs etc.
    (This will attract folks who are into TAs to take a look at Sovryn)

  • To prevent speculative trading, I reckon the team can do up marketing decks or materials focusing on the fundamentals propositions of Sovryn which can be easily digested/shared in various socials channels such as Twitter. A good example of project doing that is Zilliqa. Take a look at their pinned tweet on their social page with all the progress updates and metrics. (Such info will attract folks who are in FA and garner their interest into this project)

It is my belief that attracting both TA and FA folks will help grow the community and its underlying price as well. :grinning: