Stock Tokens on Sovryn

In listening to the past AMA’s I have heard that stock tokens have been one of the things that will come to the Sovryn platform. IMO, now would be a great time to move in that direction. With the recent closure of stock tokens from Binance and now Uniswap has censored it’s front-end access to these types of tokens (Is Uniswap really Defi? how does this happen?). I think for advertisement and bringing more people to the dapp, this controversial type of token would expose a lot more people to sovryn. Looking to get other opinions and see maybe how far we are away from this. I believe it’s already possible to bring over most types of tokens. Thanks.


It’s a “maybe” in this quarter’s roadmap.


I would prefer exposure to blue-chip altcoins over stocks, and believe most traders would agree with me.

Uniswap and all other platforms already have several shit coins.

Stocks are collectively a larger, more established market that is effectively non accessible in a reputable way in a DeFi way.

This would make Sovryn stand out in a big way.


What about a stock index token? This would attract a lot of traders who aren’t interested in specific stocks but in the market as a whole. It would also be easier to manage than a laundry list of individual stock tokens. Particularly in the US, margin trading on stock index futures is extremely limited by regulatory fiat. I have searched the internet and have been unable to find an example of this or even a discussion of it. The only thing close to this that I’ve seen is a token for a crypto index. Sovryn could be the first to the table with a stock index token and draw users in from traditional finance who are looking for ways around the restrictive regulations that apply to traditional brokerages and exchanges.

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An index could be very interesting, I agree. More practical than individual stocks.