Delegate - Dark Knight

Name on Discord:
Dark Knight (my profile picture in this forum is a mutant Wolverine+Dark Knight)

Delegate address:

I’ve had multiple occupations and consider myself a change agent - delegate your votes to me to keep things in a state of progressive change.

Relevant experience:
The one constant in my life is love for everything that Bitcoin is and can be.
Before Bitcoin, built and sold startups across different verticals (EdTech, Media, Cyber, and a Bakery).
Studied economics - which is increasingly irrelevant in the decentralised economy we are building.
Created first stablecoin media company to research, survey and organise a stablecoin-only event. Conducted BD at the first CeFi company to offer yield and fiat loans on crypto deposits.
Volunteered in Sovryn’s alpha and have been actively participating in governance.

Why I want to be a Bitocracy delegate:
Being part of the Sovryn community, which is imbued with Bitcoin’s values, is an awesome opportunity. Sovryn, like Bitcoin, is such a powerful technology that people with differing views from across the world will rally around it. But getting these people to agree on something and work together towards a shared goal…that will not be so easy. I am very aware this is the beginning of a long journey in which the right decisions will need to be properly weighted to ensure the sustainability of Sovryn over the long term.

Being an active member of Bitocracy and this forum is an opportunity and responsibility. I personally am working on my first SIP and am super excited to share it with you soon. If you delegate your votes to me, Sovryn will become my main focus, and I will commit myself to advance the interests of SOV holders.

Platform and values:
Personally, my SOV tokens have been locked for the maximum amount of time possible, which goes to show how much I value Bitocracy votes and where my interest lie in the short and long term. As someone born in Venezuela, I also identify with many members of the community who’ve experienced high-inflation first hand and understand Bitcoin’s core value at a gut level. I want to see Sovryn evolve over the next 10 years and reach as many people as possible and empower them with financial sovereignty.

Additional information/links:
Discord: Dark Knight#1448