Delegate - Semaca8

Name: Semaca8

Delegate address: 0x73Ef86Ea7f3E372BA000ff4e24899b0D5963e821

Occupation: Economist
Finance guy, former programmer. I started in crypto as miner, continued as “investor”- early adopter of projects with a solid use case and actually doing trading as a passion.

Relevant experience: since 2017 I am looking at the space and analyzing projects around

Why I want to be a Bitocracy delegate: I see it more as an opportunity to be actively involved in the project. I really do believe that SOV project can take a greater form than as it is described in the wiki What is Sovryn? | SOVRYN Wiki . If by my active involvement I can help others then it is even better.

Platform and values: SOV is building relays and bridges between chains and with exchanges it is creating a corruption-resistant #monetary system. However, the true power or form of these relays and bridges, the form that I believe SOV can take is #trust law enforcement, to be like a self regulating body for entire crypto space. Through its governance and along with advantage given by these bridges but mostly with the insurance funds functionality that will be built, SOV could have a fiduciary role signaling which areas or actors of crypto space are legit or not. Additional use case: as a new individual in the crypto space I want to know where to invest or what wallets to use and for this I am looking at the institutional participants in the SOV project, or insurance funds made on SOV monetary system, or insurance funds backed by SOV, or new coins backed by SOV insurance fund.

As value: trust

Additional information/links:
Discord - @Semaca8#9168