El Salvador Incentives to Adopt SOV - Massive Profit Potential

So I was thinking today. If El Salvador were to invest heavy into SOV before announcing it as a facilitator/currency in their nation, it would sky-rocket the price very soon thereafter. This could very quickly boost Sovryn’s market cap to the billion dollar range. El Salvador would then have a guaranteed massive return on their investment for implementing SOV in their country. Given its current relatively low market cap, there would be potential for huge gains for the country and investors.

The government of El Salvador could then use these profits and take loans from its own SOV holdings for various functions, or to be able to gain its Sovereignty from its debt. Everyone wins in this scenario except the antiquated high-interest loan holders that have financially enslaved humankind for many generations. I am beginning to see how cryptocurrencies could start to take over national currencies, and inevitably global currencies. This could be a MASSIVE redistribution of wealth for those who are supporters of the new monetary system.

Given SOV’s functionality, security, and current low market cap it is the ideal candidate for such a move