Estimated time of arrival for Zero?

When will Zero (0% loans, ZUSD stable coin) launch? What is the schedule? What are the current issues? Where can progress be tracked?



I heard on a twitter space it was basically done. On reddit I seen someone said “weeks”.

Other than that, from what I can tell, its all “hush hush”. Probably dont want to set deadlines just in case, and anticipation can be a great marketing tool.

Miami Bitcoin convention is in early april. I bet they will have it ready by then so they can showcase it. This is obviously my opinion. Hope it helps!


This is all speculation, don’t hold me to anything:

I’m not sure what is publicly trackable. I know the team is working on or has at least had preliminary discussions to create a Dashboard that can show all the different product requests and what is being worked on. Perhaps something like I proposed here: Roadmap & Dev Tracker

I know the code for Zero is essentially done and has been for a while. I also know there will no longer be a separate $ZERO token and instead everything will use and flow to $SOV. I also know a very rough UI/UX based on Liquity has already been designed and is functional, but I don’t think the team likes it all that much. I believe a revised (but not final UI/UX) is in the works. Once that is done, which I imagine is closer to being done than not, a limited gated release will ensue. During the gated release the team will be able to assess who and how the protocol is being used. From there we can see OK are people borrowing at 0% then trading, are they borrowing then sending to USDC, are they wanting fiat, are they putting into stability pool to earn yield etc. After that, the UI/UX can be refined according to what consumers are using it for. My hope is the gated release is truly on the horizon. But even beyond that we need to temper expectations that a gated release may last for several weeks or even months. It takes time to make the changes from that. Then maybe months after that before the full 100% open version is in the wild.

I think we can all agree it’s taking longer than expected, but at this point it is what it is. It’s a truly differentiated product that has staying power beyond months or years.


tell me that zero went from Q1 to Q4 release without telling me that zero went from Q1 to Q4 release?


No, I honestly don’t think so. But I do acknowledge that it feels like we’re letting perfection be the enemy of productivity.

Perhaps @light can give some perspective.