Roadmap & Dev Tracker

Creating a new thread. Moved post from: A Proposal to Help Pump Up the SOV Token - #9 by dseroy

Many community members are chomping at the bit for any roadmap and protocol dev updates. We shouldn’t have to wait for bi-weekly calls where we have to ask the exact proper questions to know what is happening.

As an easy solution, I’d like to propose a public and transparent tracker to align expectations and desires of community with reality of internal development. Here is a simple, sample of what I’d to see: Airtable - User View

We can use this tracker to list all current and prospective developments. The community can upvote / downvote ideas kind of like Reddit. The internal team can add their input like: current status, implementation difficulty, timeline, benefit, comments, failure to launch etc. Even adding preliminary ideas with limited information or low likelihood of actual success would be hyper valuable. It allows us to express we want these ideas while also understanding that maybe some of these ideas are highly unlikely because there is so much work to do or the dev hours would be too long, etc.

I understand things are very fluid on the back-end and sometimes messy. But the communities ability to contribute is limited if we don’t understand what is happening.

In an ideal world this table is fully loaded with all possible ideas going on in the back-end with the community expressing their interest while the core team providing real expectations.

With the above in mind. How does the core team keep track of all developments and ideas? If you don’t already have something like AirTable, then why not implement it? You can bifurcate which data is seen by which parties if that is a concern. Make certain fields or tables are editable by specific parties, etc. It’s very customizable. Any of the tables can be embedded directly into websites. I think this would be a boon to transparency and organization.