On Improving the Transparency of Sovryn's Decision-Making

Hey everyone.

In attempt to make the decision-making processes more transparent and available to the public, I propose a process for deliberating our decisions to be publicly hosted for anyone to join in.

Example: “Multichain has RSK integrated. Should Sovryn take advantage of this, and if so, how?”

Core Contributors involved: X from Product, Y from Tech, Z from Operations

Suggested Format: An open call on Jitsi or Discord where X, Y & Z lead the discussion as posed in the agenda, while any Sovryn community member interested can join, listen in, share comments & ideas etc. A forum thread is created with at least 24 hours’ notice of the discussion, with an agenda in the form of a powerpoint deck describing the context of the topic at hand + when/where the call will take place. Someone could take notes/record the call & post it in the thread afterwards.

An example thread here from DXdao

Whether this should be a regular thing or ad hoc is something I have not really figured out yet, but I want to know what you think of this format and whether or not this would be an improvement.


Definitely in favor of this - although it does add a lot of communication overhead.


Hi Inglandia,

I am really happy that you have brought this up because it was on my mind for a long time but was not courageous enough to post about it.

Whilst it does add overhead as @yago states, it is a sacrifice worth making. One of the community cry outs was that we don’t have a window into the kitchen and many felt as this curtain was intentional and obscured things.

I am very much in favour of this proposal and I support it wholeheartedly !


I like this idea, has there been any more work on it?

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This is a great idea, I would love to be there taking notes, recording and making clips to let the rest of the community follow what is being discussed.

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