Future Guests for Sovryn Tea

1- There was an idea somewhere to have a public discussion around Tokenization as that subject comes up a lot in discussions around Sovryn, I think one of the best people to have on one of these Twitter Spaces would be Erik Voorhees. He had to decenztralize his company and turn it to a DAO (interesting story about ShapeShift) so he comes with experience in that subject and is highly regarded in the crypto circles.

2- Whoever decided to sponser Anita Posch and her book, great idea. I would have liked to hear more from her in the New Year Space she joined but I think she left early. I think her work in some developing economies is important so it would be great to have her again on Sovryn Tea with more time to discuss her work. Perhaps Sovryn can learn from her experience regarding adoption in these communities.

Other community members can give their suggestions.


I’ll reply what I posted on Discord:

let’s get big american miners on board on Sovryn Tea. Riot blockchain, Argo, Stronghold Digital, Marathon, HIVE, etc. The topic could be merge mining in general, security, POW, etc. Interesting talk would be also with Paul Sztorc and his idea of drivechains (which are also mergemined)


Saunter made some good recommendations for guests and the topics, with the energy usage FUD around bitcoin mining, would be great to have miners on one of these podcasts.

Another person that I would like to see on the podcast is Pete Rizzo. I find his responses thoughtful and a recent tweet thread brought up some interesting points such as bitcoin being an “economic experiment”, among the maxi crowd the word experiment has not been used in a while I think. He also encouraged people to try DeFi apps(nudge nudge wink wink).

I think he is sympathetic towards projects building on bitcoin and has questioned how we move towards a hyper bitcoinized world without supporting such projects.

I think Sovryn tea with Samurai wallet team will be good conversation. Bitcoin privacy is always good topic to discuss.


Willy Woo might be an interesting guest. He has no clue yet that DeFi is working great on bitcoin layer 2. I think he might be very open to this topic and he has a big follower base.
Topics could be bitcoin cycles over time, Yago’s views as OG could be very interesting for Woo’s followers. And, of course, DeFi.


Max Keiser would be a fantastic guest to have on the Tea. His brutal maximalism is full of Bitcoin truths. I can only speak for myself but I absolutely love those conversations and a Keiser/Yago exchange could be an extraordinary asset for Sovryn.

I feel like talking to people like willy woo, Keiser, Erik Vorhees, or any other high profile people, should be done after Zero is released, and maybe origins too. The only reason I say that is because, any immediate new users we get will have a better experience with these functions, and are more likely to talk about it on social media. Also, they might be more likely to stick around.


In no particular order and including some that would be likely hostile to Sovryn:

Nik Bhatia, Nic Carter, Paul Sztorc, Sergio Lerner, Ari Paul, Cory Klippstein, Hasu, Eric Wall, Simon Dixon, Ryan Gentry, Breedlove, Parker Lewis, Yassine Elmandjra, Mark Yusko, Jason Williams, Vijay Boyapati, Caitlin Long, NLW, Stephan Livera


Gandhi, Jesus, Mandela, Muahmmad Ali, Malcom X …

Obviously I was just kidding with the earlier post, I think you have some good suggestions in that list. I wanted to focus first on the people who would be willing to appear on the podcast as some people who are antagonistic might not want to give the platform legitimacy by appreaing on Sovryn’s podcast.

  • I actually also wanted to mention Sergio Lerner and perhaps his team at RSK, would be interesting to hear their views on BTC sidechain adoption. In some chat Exiled Surfer mentioned that since the RSK team is primarily from Spanish speaking countries so they are not as widely welcomed/accepted in the English speaking world, would be interesting to hear their thoughts on this. However, that also presents an opportunity for Sovryn and Rootstock to make headway in those regions, we already see some interest from some projects in South America.

  • Paul Sztorc, I just want to know how to pronounce his name.
    He has been mentioned perhaps a couple of times in the podcats regarding BIP300/301 so would be good to have him on, I dont know how much he is aware of whats going on at Sovryn. The discusson around Bitcoins security budget is usually dismissed as “concern trolling”, I would like to learn more about that.

  • Eric Wall predicted no “DeFi on BTC” in 2022 after using Sovryn, I would like to hear more about why he thinks that.

A few other people (Nic Carter, Ari Paul, Hasu, Jason Williams etc) also follow Sovryn on twitter so I am looking forward to the future episodes with them.


Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Matt Odell


Andreas would be a great guest!

I assume his name is polish, then if you want to pronouce it in polish it would be “Shtortz” something like that :wink:

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Please make one Sovryn Tea with Eric Wall.

Topics can be about the best way of scailing RSK and Sovryn. Eric is master in scailing topic, knows everything about rollups, etc


Would just like to bring Saunter’s idea up again, getting some big miners to talk about merge mining would be really good.

@bon I see the topic may be something like this: “Miners Revenue & Bitcoin Security Budget in times of low block reward”. I would invite some miners, Paul Sztorc as he believes that without sidechains and fees from sidechains, Bitcoin’s security budget will be low in the future and we NEED merge mining (see: 1.
2. Security Budget II, Low Fees, and Merged Mining | Truthcoin.Info
3. Paul Sztorc (Drivechain) on Bitcoin Security Budget and the Importance Merge Mining (EP.280)) + invite someone who disagrees with him (I know Dan Held does, but i’d invite someone more technically/economically sophisticated, not sure who)


Thats exactly the line I was thinking on, below is some text I wrote under Yago’s marketing post:

"The merge mining part should be attractive to Bitcoiners as that links Rootstock to BTC making it unique than other L1s but I think some hardcore Bitcoiners think that any activity on any other chain than the main chain is “stealing” activity away so they dont like it, at least thats what that ErrorLog guy said in the Space.

Others think that raising the issue of fee earning incentive for miners is just “concern trolling” and that the block rewards are enough for a very long time so merge mining is of no interest to them. Some might also think that if the side-chain becomes big enough, perhaps in the far future, than it might hurt main chain security. (There was a Bitcoin Magazine podacst on that topic, might be worthwhile to have some open discussion on that in a twitter space with some miners)"

I need to find some time to go through all the info from Paul but it would be cool to have an open honest debate about this between people who take the other side of this argument.

Udi recently posted in favour of miners earning through fees, Eric Wall might be another candidate but I dont know his views on this subject. Hasu is another guy that knows about other L1s, I am still trying to catch up with his writings, but he might bring an “outsider” perspective to the topic.

Maybe Sovryn team has better ideas.

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Definitely Paul wrote about this extensively and is the best option “for sidechains” in the debate. As far as I remember the guy who was disagreeing with him was https://twitter.com/brian_trollz who is VERY knowledgeable technical/bitcoin wise and would be a great opponent. That debate would be excellent and also unique, as I don’t see this topic explored enough in bitcoin space. This is one of the most interesting discussions regarding Bitcoin and it’s problems in my opinion.

Great idea! It would cement our narrative that rBTC as real as L2/Sidechain Bitcoin can get aside from LN. And maybe a clever idea might emerge from this chatty tea to drop the r for Markeitng purposes as then it’s really a key differentiator to all these renBTC wBTC etc. wrapped synthetics.

Just heard some miners talking at the Bitcoin Conf., they seem interested in earning more fees and mentioned DeFi for Bitcoin, as someone previously mentioned, miners are natural allies for Rootstock/Sovryn. I think this area should be explored (not just in a Twitter Space) and perhaps a long term colaboration can be started so miners can help push side-chain adoption.