New Set of Sovryn Clips!

It has been a while since my last set of clips, have been very busy but is time to get back into the habit!

After a lot of time and effort I have finished chopping and clipping all the important points in the conversation between Edan Yago and Brian Harrngton :slight_smile: with subtitles included!

I’ve shared them on twitter as well to hopefully get more awareness to the important topics being discussed and to Sovryn at large.

I find the content in the Sovryn spaces deeply interesting and I know most people are too lazy to listen to the whole thing haha :stuck_out_tongue: so I hope this helps.

As an interesting note, 876 people listen to the spaces, 114 view the full YouTube video.

So far, it has only been a few hours since I uploaded the Clips to Twitter and the first one of the thread (and the one with more views by far) has over 500 views!

youtube link:

Twitter link:

If anyone wishes to contribute you can always send any RSK token to wearebitcoin.RSK :wink:


I commend you for this effort @ArtOfTomas I am exactly that kind of person you refer to…also please keep uploading on here as I am not regularly on TG these days. Keep up the great work! Cheers

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Thank you and sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: I’ll continue to post them here!!!