Sovryn's Last Town Hall Clips

For those of you who either do not have time to watch the full Town hall, or just need the key points in an easy to share short video I bring you these :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

16 clips of Yago explaining everything from what happened with Terra, problems in DEFI, ETH and how Sovryn looks to solve all of this. Hope you find this valuable!

1) Market Crash and it’s Opportunities

2) Disadvantages of Bull Markets - Edan Yago

3) What Happened with Terra Luna

4) Degen Culture - Edan Yago

5) Major Problems with DEFI

6) Ethereum, P.O.S and Agency Capture

7) The Dangers of USDC - Edan Yago

8) How to Solve Agency Capture

9) How Sovryn Faces Moral Hazard

10) The Sovryn Dollar

11) Information Asymmetry

12) Circle of Tokens

13) Centralised Vs Decentralised Finance

14) Most Bitcoiners are not Traders

15) Bringing Utility to Bitcoin

16) Learning from Cardano and Ripple

Please let me know if this is not something worth the the effort it takes me to produce… or if you want me to keep on making them signal that to me as well haha :slight_smile:


Yes, I found that valuable, many thanks

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Perfect! thanks for saying so! :slight_smile: I’ll continue to make them then!!!

Thank you! very helpful

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