G.C Investment Round Clips

Hello, my name is Tomas, I have been a part of Sovryn for a long time, bought in when the token was $22 and despite the price action this has been a wonderful experience for me in terms of learning and becoming part of an international like-minded community.

I want to start taking a more active role in it, and do what I can to help the project grow.
With this in mind I chopped the Town hall where Edan Yago and Nick from G.C discussed the upcoming Investment Round and wanted all of you to be aware… in case you either don’t have the time to listen to the whole thing, you know someone who might find this useful… or as a simple resource to quickly find an answer to a question.

it ended up being 11 different clips:

#1: How Nick and Edan Yago Met

#2: General Catalyst

#3: Nick and GC Introduction

#4: Governance

#5: How G.C Plans to Help

#6: Structure of the Deal

#7: Vesting Schedule

#8: Long Term Investors

#9: Creating a Bitcoin Ecosystem

#10: How can Sovryn Improve

#11: The Roadmap Remains the Same

And for closing comments I just want to say that I’m wanting to find the best way I can serve this community. As such, I’m always open to ideas/suggestions in how I can do a better job at it :slight_smile:
I hope some of you out there find this useful!



I found the clips very useful; thank you for doing this Tomas

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Great work, Thank you!

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