Sovryn Circle of Twitter

I started the initiative to try to improve Sovryn present on Twitter by creating a Telegram group that just focuses on spreading the message about Sovryn the dex and token as well as the network on which we run on that being Bitcoin’s sidechain RSKsmart previously known as Rootstock RSK.

The community is very small, just about 35 members but I would like to invite you to join us, and if you are a content creator on Twitter to post your links about Sovryn in the telegram group so that users can retweet, comment, like what you have to say about the project.

I also added a tipping bot for lightning network and if people like your links they may even tip you for bringing that content to our group.

Even if you don’t have followers on your Twitter account we still need your help, and if you like us you are a believer not just of Sovryn but Bitcoin DeFi as well I beg you to please join us.