Sunsetting the Circle of Tokens

Dear Sovryn Community,

the Circle of Tokens was the first Sovryn Circle made up of and lead by volunteer community members who used their free time to try and add value to the protocol with data analysis and advice. I was the first who joined and the last volunteer that left.
There have been many brilliant people who have contributed to the circle. Many thanks to all of you!
They all had one thing in common: they wanted to advance bitcoin and were strongly connected to the ethos around bitcoin. Fuck KYC, Not your keys- not your coins, fuck censorship. These values were always important and should also shape Sovryn in the future.

Hopefully it was not the last community driven Circle. Maybe in the future other Community members that care about Bitcoin DeFi step up and volunteer. A Sovryn Nation needs volunteers.

I hereby announce the end of the Circle of Tokens. It is not easy for me, but my journey with Sovryn ends here.

I really hope that Sovryn will flourish and create new value as a DeFi system around bitcoin. All here are bitcoiners and want bitcoin and an economy around bitcoin to grow and make the lives of millions of people better on a bitcoin-based economy.
I wish you success for this with all my heart.
It has been a pleasure and honor to be involved in this.

I’ll check out the Degen’s in the Dojo from time to time to be blessed with DJ’s GIF’s.

I am sorry that I was not more successful with my work.

Take care.



I always appreciated your commentary, and especially the blog posts. I learned quite a bit, in general, through reading your contributions. While I have been contemplating it for months, I did close my LoC and made the decision to move on from Sovryn today as well.


Damn, Dude…

Sad day. A sad day indeed.

I didn’t always agree with your findings and or suggestions (especially when they blew up my $SOV accumulation strategies) however, I always found them well thought out and in the end the right move to make Sovryn stronger and more viable.

Exiled, Luka, Sato, Matt, and now you… Damn…

A sad day indeed.

Thank you for everything and you will always be welcome in the Dojo with the rest of us Degens!


Sacro has been shouldering a lot of the labor of Circle of Tokens. His contribution has been immense. I hope he will find the time to return.

I think this is an opportunity to change the scope of the Circle of Tokens and reconstitute it better. One idea that has been floated is a Circle of Governance - that can lead the Governance calls - and provide much need analysis and debate.

If anyone would be interested in participating in such a thing - please contact me.


Good Sacro, the day has come.

It has been a pleasure to enjoy your generous contribution to Sovryn. Always defending the project in good times and bad, no matter where you were.

With your journal, filled with news, discoveries, and analysis, your tracking of revenue and voting power became indispensable, as well as your interpretation of the graphs, whales, and tokenomics.

And the creation of the Circle of Tokens helped a lot in bridging the gap between inside and outside, enabling efficiency when needed, and adding value to Sovryn and SOV.

Until the very last moment, you have worn the Sovryn jersey. I believe no one in the community has earned the respect and affection of everyone as you have.

It’s a moment to reflect on why this has happened.

I wish you all the best.


Oh man… I spend some time disconnected from Bitcoin, Rootstock and Sovryn after leaving my position in the team in order to get my thoughts together, and focus on other personal projects of mine.
I’m returning now and find this post… It is truly sad to see such a great initiative shut down and one of the most valued members of the community saying his journey with Sovryn is ending…

The only thing I can say is thank you for everything you’ve done and I appreciate your efforts and all your work. The Sovryn Journal was something I always looked forward to read and always learnt a lot from. The changes the CoT proposed were of great help and benefit for the protocol.

I hope this change is for the best in your personal life, and I’d like to stay in touch and updated with wherever you decide to do next and where your attention will guide you, as you have a way to make complicated things easily to understand and interesting, as such I would like to keep learning from you.

Once again, thank you! I wish there was something more I could do or say, but unfortunately is just that, gratitude for all you and the CoT have done :slight_smile:

Best of luck in all your current and future endeavors, you deserve it my friend!


Sacro, we know what you have done for this project! You were and are an honored centurion in this legion. I hope this is a see you soon and enjoy all your contributions again.

Personally, this last time I wanted to give more visibility to your work, on more than one occasion I quoted it. We will hardly find those analyzes in another newsletter.

Successes in your crusade, these messages will be your medals! :medal_military:


Sacro, thank you for all your work for the Sovryn vision. I very much value not only all the labor you put in but the calm voice of reason and the willingness to put in the work rather than just complain about something not being done right.

You’ve left your fingerprints all over Sovryn. The Circle of Tokens did an amazing job, and you gave great leadership to that. The SIP to give more AMM rewards to protocol stakers has probably supported the price of SOV more than anyone realizes. But topping it all off was your journal. I always loved reading it because it gave me a shot of hopium balanced with realism. I never could figure out how as a volunteer you were able to gather all the information you included in the journal. It was always very informative and helpful.

Don’t write us completely off just yet. Big ideas take time, and they rarely go straight up. I know you know that or you would’ve said your goodbyes a long time ago. :slightly_smiling_face: Check back with us from time to time.


Thank you all for your kind words.
All the best to you!