Announcing Circle of Twitter. Just an idea at this point

The developer team can’t do everything on their own, and Yago alone can’t do everything because he is just a single individual, besides we can’t expect to get profits from the work of others. Sovryn is a decentralized project and as such is up to each individual to do their part in growing the project.

Twitter is the social media to go because that is the center of today’s way of communication individuals like Elon Mosk have come to that conclusion too.

We must bring attention to our project by creating a Twitter campaign from volunteers like you and me. You shouldn’t expect anything in return at all, but just the pleasure to know that your actions will help grow awareness towards Sovryn as a decentralized exchange and protocol with much more features.

Those that have large followers on Twitter would not like to spread our message because they don’t about, it or understand it and because of the nature of the world we live in. Twitter is about attention, and if you give attention to others you lose out because others will start to grow while you shrink.

Bitcoin maximalists don’t like Sovryn because they fear we will take the Bitcoin name for ourselves, or because we may end up changing the current Bitcoin narrative. And as such, we could probably be already censored for those who don’t want any change to the current Bitcoin narrative.

Bitcoin is open-source software but if we want to change we need to promote that change ourselves and expect everyone else to be at odds with our message, as such we only have each other to bring the Sovryn message to the world.

I fear that if we don’t come together as a group we will never have a chance to bring attention and awareness to our mission which is to bring more functionality to Bitcoin in the way of second-layer solutions.

If you have a Twitter account, I need you to enlist in the Sovryn Army.

You must retweet every tweet about Sovryn.
You must try to create your own Twitter messages using the Sovryn key hashtags.
You must comment on other users’ posts about Sovryn.
And to this every day for at least one month.
You must at least retweet, comment, like, and create your content on Twitter at least once a day.

You do that and I promise you people will start to realize that we are fighting the good fight, not just for Bitcoin but for humanity’s freedom.

Please enlist your Twitter account to the Sovryn awareness campaign.


Great initiative! count me in!!! we need to get the community more involved and this could be a great way of doing so!!!

We are already working and the telegram group is already with 19 members, we need to bring awareness at all costs.