Yago, D Man and the future of Bitocracy

Yago, D Man and the future of Bitocracy

Dear Sovryns

Like many of you, I got a bit lost in the torrent of who said what since D man’s entered the stage. So I am scratching my own itch by structuring my reflections and ideas in written form – as part of my ongoing investment thesis into SOV. My intent to share this with you fellow Sovryns is to gather some collective intelligence on the #human layer’.

I’ll respond to D Man’s triple SIP first, then address some points to @Yago directly, and finish by offering some ideas to improve our Bitocracy.

First of all, I’d like to address the topic of ‘artful participation’ – which any tribe stands or falls by! I put my hand up and admit that I will only give myself a 6 out of 10 (no seven allowed) because I recently shared some POVs without actually knowing enough details. So whilst some contributions seemed to resonate with some of you, others perhaps just added clutter to the discourse.

So hands on your heart…on a scale from 1-10, how do you rate your ‘artful participation’ of recent? I commend all of you who are noticeably going out of their way to get out of tit-for-tat and bring everyone’s inner adults back in the room.

My response to @DMAN triple SIP and subsequent post here and TG input

Again, thanks for holding up a mirror and providing much needed edge and tension! Your points on UX are obvious and your drive to change tokenomics are generally valid: Packy McCormick just spoke about this on Bankless Podcast that no newer generation L1 or DeFi project has nailed this yet. Hence, if we claim to be better, then let’s show the way. There is no point in claiming we stuck to our tokenomics if the project dies.

BTW: I highly commend the Tokenomics Task Force for flashing out some options for everyone else to build on.

Back to you D Man: mate, if I was CEO of a financial services company and you came to me with your all-or-nothing triple SIP, I’d say NO. Why? Highly asymmetrical risk-reward equation! You propose to replace our staking contracts and their very clever incentives to commit long-term and punish short-term (mood) swings with a method that on the one hand provides similar economic benefits to stakers BUT on the other hand come at significant risk to Sovryn’s core purpose over the long-term.

It boils down to trust: why should the team commit to their token being locked up for up to 10 years, whilst you, BCW and others get effectively a ticket to pump up the price, and then be potentially in the position to tactically stake all your bags, write a SIP in your favour, get it executed, benefit with more profit taking, and then dump your bags and move on. Sorry, you get my veto here.

Any political process requires trust, and speaking with guru Stephen Covey here, whilst you seem to have a track record and reliability in your role, your self-interest-led interventions are not cutting it for me. Why? Because I am left with that eery feeling that you might rug us all. I am not saying you would, but based on what I know about you, you might, and that’s not good enough for me personally. DM me if you are interested in 1:1 coaching for smarter influencing. As I said at the beginning, I don’t disagree with you on UX and tokenomics – and even on some of the critique of the core team’s leadership / communications!

You accuse Yago of being ‘like Hitler’ whilst putting insane time pressure on us “Citizens” to vote on a SIP that changes the trajectory of Sovryn like a populist would. You made it clear that you want Bitocracy to work like democracy…great…then give us meaningful time to establish the details for the foundations on which to vote on! Can’t have it both ways

Ironically, you seem to project your own autocratic tendencies onto Yago. You are both mirroring each other whilst claiming wanting democracy…am I the only one here who sees this?

You appear both in similar archetypical roles on the Hero’s Journey. Yoda would send Yago into the desert and come back with more public commitment and harder promises, and he would send D Man back into his jungle, to come back when he is a smarter influencer.

Some words for @yago

I can imagine that you are operating in a very tricky stakeholder (mine-) field right now. I am CXO coach and often there when pivotal decisions are made in their mind and heart – and how alone they are at the top!

It seems like a beautiful paradox to me that you are creating a trustless financial system, emanating from a lot of distrust. Your crucial core skill right now is sound judgement – in a post-truth world…

This thought might seems a bit far-fetched…what if BCW was send in by a future investor or stakeholder e.g. a nation state to test your (and our principles). I personally want to have a principled leader and influencer who is prepared to lose a battle (e.g. BCW dumping their bags) but to know what it takes to win the war.

Hence, it is very important (to me at least) to see how you defend the core principles of Sovryn and also strongly advocate a working culture that transcend those of the legacy system we aim to disrupt. As Einstein said: “No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created the problem in the first place”.

Some Sovryns dream of SOV as trillion-dollar DAO. That would make you a multiple billionaire. If we succeed, you’d also be a very powerful individual on earth! In this context, some of the leadership challenge is justified imho. The roadmap with timeline is a first step in the right direction! Thank you for this, I needed that

I hope that you got valuable and trustworthy outside in perspectives in Miami

Some ideas for improving the quality of our discourse within Bitocracy

Let’s start again…letting go is crucial now – and again, I notice many of you are doing your part - THANKS.

Every single one of us fulfils an evolutionary purpose of Sovryn. Surely, some voices weigh heavier than others, nevertheless, the DAO is us, and ‘factions’ are part of any political process, which Bitocracy is! My 5 cents on this are:

  1. Critical SIPs e.g. tokenomics need real time to digest, stress-test, adapt, and reiterate. I think we need a trained facilitator in methods like Sociocracy 3.0 to get us from 1st forum post to Task Force to votable SIP. I can put us/core team in touch with experts who have also DAO experience

  2. Non-Violent Communication: I recommend the entire core team train in the basics – it will be a game changer! And D Man…you might have a lot more impact if you joined

  3. Use AI to improve impact of real-time (Audio) Zoom Meetings e.g. have the the AMA in BCW channel on Zoom in future and also for the regular Town Halls. We could have the entire barrage of “he said – she said” on record and use an AI-tool so that ANYONE inside Bitocracy can search for a specific word and bang: here is the transcript and related 60-second audio bite size to-relisten. Am I the only one here that thinks a public blockchain would benefit from more transparent and easier to retrieve documentation around communications? I can put you in touch with AI-based Meeting Analysis platform I partner with for my own company

  4. Let’s drop the tribalism and start again: this is not an intra-Sovryn issue, it’s pest and plague combined in most of crypto. What are we? Ultras of football teams? Or stakeholders in a system that aims to replace the violent and extraction-based system invented by FIAT-lords and their powerful predecessors? Do we (me sometimes included) seriously think that we are right and all others are wrong? Everyone else an idiot? Thorchain = Muppets? Stacks = Wankers? Really? Guess what, the market begs to differ rn…

  5. TG Channels: I want our TG channels to be the best out there, where people come because they always leave with more energy then when they logged on, they experience adults engaging with other adults. Our TG could be a USP! As Richard Rohr says: “The way you love one thing, is the way you love everything”. As a community, I know that you know, that we can do much, much better. I will start by reading more in-depth documentation before bloating out POVs on topics I only have layman knowledge of, but ultimately rely on the excellence of experts to execute better than our competition does.

In case this is relevant to some of you: I have DCA’d down from $40 to $2.80, staked half my bag for 3 years and Sovryn is the ONLY project atm I am invested and engaged in. True believer!


Well that was refreshing to read. I like the gentleman tone. A far cry from the screams and ultimatums that we were seeing here last week.


It’s easy to be a gentleman when none of you fuckers do anything.

If you strive to do some CHANGE… then let me see where’s your gentlemen tone when you see the traps you WARNED AHEAD ABOUT… are still not changed 9 months later!