Hiring a general manager who answers to community

Hi guys,
Since October / November it seems there has been a lack of leadership / coordination at the Sovryn team. And especially also the transparency / communication has been seriously lacking towards the community. There is no marketing plan or at least this plan is not clear to the community.
Zero and other features seems to missing deadline after deadline without any further explanation. The El Salvador communication turned out to be nothing. And I can stare many more issues.
The main issues seems to be :

  • managing communication between sov team members
  • managing communication to the community and being full transparent
  • leadership over marketing team, plans and coordination

The founding team has done great things for Sovryn and will continue to do so , but we need to transform to a more adult fase to be taken seriously.

That’s why I want to propose that Sovryn hires a general manager who can oversee all parts of the protocol and answers directly to the community.

Love to hear your thoughts.



From what I can glean with incomplete information and limited knowledge of how a blockchain org actually works…my sense is that what’s needed is a strong COO-type project manager with technical, product and commercial acumen and EXCELLENT stakeholder communication skills.

Not everything in Web 2.0 is bad…I have worked intensively with agile methods and OKR, and having a rough timeline on a roadmap based on core devs best guesses would help. If those deadlines are moved, then a retrospective can shed light into this and the authentic reasons communicated transparently to the community. Web3 is supposed to be transparent, no?

I personally don’t care about ‘global standards’ in crypto. We are still super early and thus standards are relative. Moreover, since about 80% of DeFi happens on EVM-compatible chains…why would that even be relevant for this specific and passionate community? Can we not be better?

I have no doubts that this team is still 100% committed! I invested in SOV because people I personally know have put big money on the table in Sovryns financing round.

A total lack of transparency amidst missing deadlines does put our idealistic and long-term game changing project in the same box as many a shit coin who won’t survive even the first half of this bear market. Being transparent makes you vulnerable, but also authentic. Which is an attractor for the right people!


I agree with all the above. The necessary changes are being implemented. There is are new core contributors with strong “web 2” background who have joined the team on the operations and product side. They are amazing and are already having an impact.

On the communications side - sweeping changes to. I just posted here: