Why Adoption/Marketing leaders are hiding from community?

I live and breathe Sovryn.
And the Sovryn Dojo (telegram) is my home in this ecosystem.

Thats why I’m bluntly posting here, what I’ve written over there:

Judas, allow me a question. I do not understand.
How come you are that active here within the community for like 2.5 days only? (this last Sunday evening to Tuesday/Wednesday this week)

You didn’t care before? Or had no time? Or didn’t know about main/Dojo tg?

I’m was very happy to see you finally being active… just that sudden change of mind I’m not able to process.

While we’re at it;
And it’s very sad to even feel the need of asking:

Would you please let me (and the community) know Sovryn’s hiring requirements for positions like yours?

After 4+ months of being silent, not accessible or even accountable… I mean… a marketing lead who is hiding, not able to talk to community or prospects? I don’t think the promise of some delayed “plans” will do it anymore. This secret plan by now must be a PhD thesis?

To me, there’s no other option than to question your ability, passion and qualification for your current role. Same applies to Malva. No one of this awesome community knows what you guys are doing. But I am (as well as thousands of other Sovryns) paying your salary. Is that money put to use in a good way, or do we really pay you a monthly salary to hurt Sovryn?

You, my Dojo fam, may hate me for saying that here and not in some DM or closed circle. I Understand that. And I thought about posting this statement for quite some time… but you know what? Many of you where “silently” ranting about marketing and adoption for… yes… like a year or so (k, a bit less - but still). Also, as we’re a DAO who else than the community should be talked to?

I sincerely hope I’m dead wrong on my assumptions and statements. I very much doubt it, but I hope so. And I will gladly apologize if that’s the case. But guess we finally deserve some solid answers.

I’m with you in this Dojo, since the member count was ≤10. Even before we agreed on the name “Dojo”… long before TGE. And ever since that day I’m here and in main channel - on every free minute of my busy rl schedule - to have some fun, but also to tirelessly help with questions, banning spamscam, and lots of stuff behind the scenes. I built, paid and still maintain the DojoBot in my scarce free time. Without asking a single sat for anything. (k, I once got 7 SOV for making the bot :rofl: ~120$ at that time).

I continue to do that not because I expect some kind of reward, but because I truly love it. And I see this as “doing my tiny part” for this awesome community and the rock solid protocol.

Means I’m not a staff member, but “only admin” in these 2 channels (I’m maybe removed in one of them as I said that loud, but I’m gladly accepting the cost of it). Basically I see, know and do the exact same thing as any other active community member, just with some more rights in telegram. Means what I said and continue to say is my very own personal opinion.

What I’m trying to say is:
I’m passionate about Sovryn. Just like thousands of community members are.
And I expect (say demand) that our top level paid marketing/adoption roles have at least the same passion. Plus knowledge + experience to finally get things done properly.

This awesome community already gave you marketing/ adoption leaders so much time, accepted silence, delays, suffered from other things (like Alpha hiccups, sudden changes, SOV price, you name it …), so I think we don’t longer need to suffer from leads who aren’t leading but hiding behind “planning their plans”.

I hope this little spark may get us to change into the right direction and deserved growth by replacing our marketing and adoption leads with someone capable.

Last point:
I’m personally pissed, that your ignorance of the community and incapability even brought me to the point to say that loud here.


I think open discussions are crucial to a system like Sovryn.
some of it may be hard to say, and difficult to hear. But we all want what is best for Sovryn and as long as we remember that and treat each other respectfully, difficult conversations like this one can be had in a positive way and makes us all even stronger :slight_smile: