To Sovryn community and leadership: I am sorry

I am sorry in all whom I have offended, it was the only way I knew/have learnt in my life to affect change.

When I believe in something, I go balls-deep in it.

I believed and still believe my changes would do something strongly positive for the Sovryn price and success. The leadership sees different, that the way to bring more people in and get the price pumping is not the priority now and I’ll respect it.

I always had the do-no-harm approach, and the problem now was due to unexpected centralisation of Sovryn (I don’t want to discuss it, I have my new opinion of it after I actually tried to instill a change, as the only guy who is not from close Sovryn cycles and as the only proposal that’s strongly against the interest of leadership)… even with huge force, majority, it’s impossible to push when those unwilling to change something have no intention of doing the self-harming move.

I wrote everything.
I proposed everything as I see it.

I came to apologize, because since day one my care for Sovryn was strong, loyal and deep as my community showed who supported Sovryn since earliest days.

I am not a prophet. Can Sovryn succeed despite the burden of bad tokenomics and stubborn management? Well, fuck it, if the need will be strong enough for such thing, it can. Not that Solana didn’t pull a miracle with tokenomics and when it came to 95% watering down it survived and thrived.

It’s crypto. Everything is possible, and it’s the beauty.

I apologise to those who found themselves offended.
I informed those who wished to hear of my way of the solution.

I will no longer participate here.

I am choosing a more quiet life than to be keyboard warrior :slight_smile:

Be well my guys.
D Man

P.S. To Yago: You surprised and disappointed me. I am not good enough psychologist to interpret your action as anything else but ego-before-project. Maybe your intentions are good, I surely failed to see it that way. I don’t know how ANY caring leader of a project, can ignore, intentionally-misinterpret, manipulate, twist, the wishes of one (let’s not call it even major, which it is) SIGNIFICANT part of community, act so cocky, ignorant and not even answering on all of the concerns directly and face to face. It was my shock to find you actually pulling out of solution and leaving a big part of community disappointed (not led by me brother). I talk about your core caring members like SOV HOOLIGAN who spent so much effort in making Sovryn a nice place, being your glorious ambassador, to end up disappointed in how much of control and centralisation you like to have. Fuck, such a great idea of bitcoin defi… I even believe you have skilled tech… marketing is not even problem, winning projects like uniswap succeed without marketing… the only problem is your greed and control. There is a reason you fought with multiple partners in past.

Still, I choose to do no harm. Since now I see I cannot change you, even if I would bring the ENTIRE community against you I have a feeling you wouldn’t relent of your tokens and or control. So in order to no longer bring division here, I am withdrawing from here.

I hope you can forgive me. Can you?

If I knew you will be so unwilling to listen to it, I’d choose a less harm approach, just wait for the right timing and exit my guys. I like to help people. And if I can’t contribute, then to stay quiet.

In theory I contributed to the sovereignity and identified the real flaws within the system. In practice, since you are the absolute ruler of Sovryn land, there is nothing I can do when there is an armed guard in the voting process and two boxes: “Saddam for” and “Saddam against”… and then he wins in democratic elections with 99%+ of the votes.

This is even better… even if you’d get 99% of votes against…

“Ah, let’s discuss about this. I am open to constructive dialogue. Let’s think more about this”… Meaning, the change happens only when YOU are ready and or willing. It isn’t sovryn in the hands of SOV holders, in the hands of people.

Alright, I am getting again too far ahead.
Yago, I am withdrawing. Do you accept my apology?

Bye Sovryns! Love you! Stay strong!


Dear @DMAN, I was optimistic when I saw the title of this post - ready to accept any apology, or even just move on. However, I must say, this feels much more like the speech Anthony gives at Caesars funeral “For Brutus is an honorable man”. You are pretending to apologize, as a new way to continue to make false accusations.

[Yago, you] ignore, intentionally-misinterpret, manipulate, twist, the wishes of one (let’s not call it even major, which it is) SIGNIFICANT part of community, act so cocky, ignorant and not even answering on all of the concerns directly and face to face.

There is no relationship between this and reality. I have spent many, many hours addressing your concerns as well as those of others.

you are the absolute ruler of Sovryn land, there is nothing I can do when there is an armed guard in the voting process and two boxes: “Saddam for” and “Saddam against”…

You are simply making stuff up. I don’t control this project and I didn’t stand in the way of you SIP.

To pretend to apologize, in order to repackage an attack - that is a manipulation. It seems like the accusations you fling at me are projections of your way of operating. You don’t see me, you see only what you imagine an enemy looks like. Perhaps you see only a reflection of yourself, I don’t know.

Take it easy D, I am not your enemy. I never have been.

I’m here to build. I appreciate all feedback for what it is, even yours. In fact, especially yours. It has been helpful to me to think about what I believe are the highest priorties for Sovryn.

I usually dislike drama, it gets in the way of building. But sometimes drama is good. I think the recent drama helped bring the community together in the end - around the shared goal of building. And sparked conversation.

I think Sovryn is stronger for it - and for that I thank you.


You see: how can I attack if I am withdrawing?
I am moving away. I am not pushing the buttons anymore. Not pushing for the agenda. I said I am moving away.

Factually, I have nothing to apologize. I apologize for not being able to get through to you and leaving things in-the-middle which isn’t good for Sovryn. However if I’m at fault as a community member, you as a leader… well you do the guess.

Now I offered you a fucking clean slate. An opportunity to fucking ceasefire with the large (if not the major) part of the community, and just move on with your agenda that I disagree with, strongly disagree with, maybe some people don’t understand, realize or see your manipulation, I do… and I am pissed by it because I had true intentions of making something good for Sovryn, otherwise I wouldn’t come support you and held through the dip and call you with ideas for improvement.

You’re ungrateful. (your right, but bad character)
You’re arrogant. (partially your right, problem when the community who gave you trust has to pay for it).
You’re stubborn.

Man, for what the fuck you think I have to apologise?

I apologized for the result, because I am sorry I couldn’t do some more positive change for Sovryn. And for not being able to either get the result we believe is most beneficial for sovryn, or at least talk it in an effective manner.

You are manipulator Yago.

Cocky, arrogant manipulator.

How stupid can it be to 1) not try to fix things with major part of your community 2) stop responding to the things that bother your community and on the opportunity to ceasefire and calm the waters 3) to not take it and insist on some personal apology.

Here you go: go fuck yourself!

You think community is unimportant. Do your thing… But new person will come here, and read this… or will come to the telegram and read that, or will ask someone and hear what is happening, or will wonder about the decentralisation and figure you’re centralized, or ask SOV Hooligan where he is and he will say what happened, and many others, taking him for example… for you it’s not important.

You are such manipulator “I think Sovryn is stronger for it - and for that I thank you” - lol… you think Sovryn is stronger because of split and division? What hallucinogenics are you on?

I come, as a man who has less to lose to here offer you a calming hand to get you back to unity… and you continue even for one fucking post, manipulating and not accepting the middle ground or something.

There are now two categories of people in Sovryn community:
those who understand what I am saying and why
and those who don’t. Either they haven’t read it at all or haven’t read it with understanding.

I will make a summary: I wish Sovryn well. I like the idea. From MY EXPERIENCE, after to some cocky and WRONG projects (buidl) we took the community away, it failed. Terribly. It was a good project, they were cocly with wrong decision like you are now.

It hurts all of us to have to give up on Sovryn and you actually surprised us all in BW because after the AMA, nobody expected your behavior to be as it followed.

Do your thing.

I repeat, I’ll not do harm to Sovryn, I’ll no longer participate in the direction where Sovryn is going. Do it as you please. There are some other people now, some new people who know the ideas and can decide what and how much they want to implement of it.

They can implement the mild approach, full approach, or no approach, and get the results the approach commands.

You are a community leader. Leader. You don’t get to say (I mean you do, but quality leader doesn’t): “I don’t want drama, I’ll just go back to developing” - you have COMMUNITY.

IF you received some other people’s money, these people should be heard, not pissed on. And you are pissing on them.

Anyway, I tried in 20 posts… this post won’t change a thing.


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