EVI DAO - Stablecoin system - Token Presale

Hi Sovryns,

As you may know, over the last 6 months, we’ve been hard at work developing the first-ever inflation-resistant, Bitcoin backed stablecoin, with part funding from Sovryn. Interestingly, ZBTC value is independent of the US Dollar. Instead, ZBTC achieves stability by pegging to the 200week SMA of BTC price - the historical stable floor of bitcoin prices, ensuring stability & appreciation, without the extreme volatility of raw bitcoin. ZBTC is over-collateralised on-chain by RBTC, using permissionless smart contracts.

The protocol v1 is live on testnet [https://testnet-app.evidao.finance/] and is nearly ready for mainnet launch, however we need some additional funding to cover our audit and beta testing/fuzzing costs for v1 launch, and thereafter, for v2 development. Unfortunately at this point we do not have further grant funding to continue this project. However, we’d love to complete this mission, because it could potentially be a radical catalyst of bitcoin adoption.

Thus, We’re making an open call to the Sovryn community to participate in this Token Pre-Sale, at a 50% discount on the eventual launch price of the EVI token. - based on the terms of the attached SAFT. We’re looking for individuals to invest $5k-$25k, upto a cumulative investment of $100k, at this time. Applications will be accepted on an FCFS basis for the next 7 days - Please send an email to : dhruv.luci9@gmail.com, indicating your interest in participating, and the amount you’d like to invest. Once availability is confirmed, we’ll draw up a personalised SAFT agreement for you, and then proceed with the deal. First email timestamps will be used to determine FCFS order.

If you’d like more info, please check out the following docs, and DM me with any questions!

The whitepaper is available on this link:

You can check out the demo video here:

And our investment pitch deck can be found here: ZBTC-Stablecoin-Deck.pdf - Google Drive


SAFT: SAFT-EVI DAO-2.pdf - Google Drive

Website: https://evidao.finance/

Reach me on -
Discord : @radioactive-ballerina#0644
Email : dhruv.luci9@gmail.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/yettisheep4
Telegram : @dtree33