Exchequer Committee Update Jan 22'

Hi all,

On today’s Community Call I provided an overview and update on the Exchequer Committee. The update provided can be found here.

The Exchequer will be providing quarterly updates on the following topics:


  • Portfolio Composition - Exchequer Dashboard
  • Use of Funds - Including SOV Payments
  • Burn Rate
  • Balance Sheet and P&L

Token Information:

  • Price, Market Cap, Supply, Exchange Listings

Protocol KPIs:

  • TVL, Volume, Fees Generated, SOV Staked, MAU, Revenue

Exchequer Committee:

  • Summary of EC Meetings & Decisions

If there are any additional metrics or information you would like to see added to this reporting, please let us know! Any other feedback is also more than welcome.

Thanks and Stay Sovryn!



thank you for the great presentation. It’s very nice to get more transparency and metrics to look at!

I’m not sure if this is already planned, but i would love to see not just a showcase but an analysis and presentation of the Protocol KPI’s. What i’d especially be looking forward to is a calculation of staking rewards / Voting Power. So to say, a metric that shows how much satoshi’s per voting power or satoshis per staked SOV a staker with max stake can get per week, paid out every friday.

This could be included into the on-chain dashboard that was talked about and into the exchequer report each quartal. If this metric is very visible on the dapp, it could incentivize staking and more participation in governance.

I think it’s a good metric to evaluate the value of the SOV token from one perspective (there are many other too of course).

Stay Sovryn!


Might be helpful for the community to include this SOV tokenomics graph in the dashboard, and breakdown of where funds are going.

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