Suggestion to adjust the Growth Metrics

I was glad to see that growth metrics have been published on the Sovryn wiki. However I want to suggest some adjustments:

  1. Bitocracy Staking By Day
  • Change “Value of SOV staked” label to “Amount of SOV staked” or simply “SOV staked”, “No. of SOV staked” (when you say value I’m thinking about its value in BTC or other currency)
  • Also it seems like the chart is not updated. The last metric print is from 6th May. I suppose you’re still working on it.
  • Also I suppose that the metric shows the number of SOV allocated to staking on each day and not the total amount of SOV staked currently.
  1. Bitocracy Staking Total To Date
  • Same with this one. I don’t understand if this shows the currently staked SOV on the network or the total of SOV that has been allocated to staking since the platform of inception.
  • I don’t think there was no day-to-day decrease of staked SOV since 12th Feb.

I would appreciate some clarity on the above points. Also the community has been requesting a total voting power and a staking estimative calculator for a while now. I don’t think that is so hard to do taking into account the devs capabilities. :wink:

Thank you!