Sovryn user metrics

Continuing the discussion from SOV subsidies for stakers:

For the stage we’re in today (pre-product-market-fit) I think the more relevant customer-focused metrics are things like our conversion rate (measuring how leaky our marketing/onboarding funnel is), cohort retention rate, net promoter score, and customer attachment score.

Once Sovryn achieves product-market-fit then metrics like CAC and CLV will be more relevant and reliable. Without product-market-fit, any numbers we have about CAC or CLV are highly likely to change because it’s highly likely our market, customer profile, and acquisition channels will change.

Regarding the question about what data we need and when will it be ready, for the staking subsidies discussion I think metrics like staking participation rates and historical rewards data are most relevant. For customer-focused data, there are onchain metrics we can look at like TVL, volume, profitability, etc, and there are off-chain metrics like website visits, search data, etc. I’m not sure if anyone is collecting this data and if so, who. I know there are some folks working to make more onchain data public, but I’m not sure about the offchain data. Perhaps someone who is more in the loop about ongoing data analysis efforts in the community can jump in here.