How To Put SIP to a vote?

What needs to be filled here? I don’t understand these pointers, it doesn’t let sip being submitted without some code being cracked here…

Can the leadership guide us?

Thank you.

Info about the changes: why, how and what will happen when it will pass. Link to PR containing smart-contract code which will be executed.

Smart contract address which will be called once SIP will be executed.

Amount of RBTC send by bitocracy, in most cases not needed (leave as 0).

Function name of (target) smart-contract which will be executed.

Data / function arguments passed to function, in most case not needed (leave as 0x00).

Example which would not change state of contracts:
Target: 0xEFc78fc7d48b64958315949279Ba181c2114ABBd
Signature: symbol()
Calldata: 0x00

Would trigger SOV token symbol read.

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I think you meant here “Signature: symbol()” right?, with the same rules for encodeFunctionSignature of web3: just the name of the function and the type of varibles (not their names)… right?

E.g.: “Signature”: transferFrom(address,address,uint256)

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Oh, yes. Will fix it