Important update regarding SIP-0054 and SIP-0055

Update 2023-03-13: The new unified vote on SIP-0054 and SIP-0055 is live!

SOV stakers now have 24 hours to cast a vote.

Vote here:

There was a misconfiguration in the deployment of SIP-0054. A routine review of the SIP deployment revealed that an address was mistakenly missing from the configuration file. No other problems were found, this does not represent a vulnerability, and all user funds are safe.

To avoid any changes that would cause issues for users of the Zero early access interface, the Bitocracy Guardian (Exchequer multisig) is vetoing the pending SIP-0054 and SIP-0055 proposals. There is no issue with SIP-0055 but its execution is dependent on UI changes that were meant to go out with the SIP-0054 update, and so the decision was made to veto execution of this proposal as well. The authors of these proposals have agreed to start a new vote on the proposals.

Given that both SIP-0054 and SIP-0055 have just been approved by Bitocracy with overwhelming support, the authors of SIP-0054 and SIP-0055 have decided to combine their SIPs together and present them as a single proposal. This will make voting on these proposals, which at this point is merely a procedural formality, more convenient and also save voters unnecessary gas fees.

The new vote on SIP-0054 and SIP-0055 is now scheduled to start on Monday, March 13.