Idea: adding Stacks STX to Sovryn

Stacking STX rewards you in BTC, plus the STX stay in your custody as opposed to Staking PoS token. Also, there is a nascent NFT scene on Stacks which could blow-up. Imagine you put your STX-based and BTC-secured NFT as a collateral to take out a loan on Sovryn?

What do you think?


I have very limited technical understanding, so bear with me: the bridging would have to take place in the wallet, right? Like I can see various chains in Liquality, and so we could add Stacks and then via the Atomic Swap in the wallet swap various tokens. Or is Thorchain a better solution and it would basically be down to us Sovryn community to lock value up in RUNE and also do some outreach to e.g. STX and other communities to fill the pools from their end. Am I too naive?

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