Is Sovryn Longterm or a Temporary Bridge

Is Sovyrn the long term decentralized financial system we seek or a short-medium term bridge? If it’s a bridge, then what is the shelf-life?

I’m specifically considering early development of DLC’s and RGB-like protocols on Lightning. Does anyone know if we’ll be able to build financial primitives like Sovryn on those protocols? If so, isn’t that a preferred and further evolved system that brings us closer to the true Bitcoiner ethos?

That brings up a whole slew of other questions. Can these financial primitives be built without a token such as SoV. One less token would make a lot of maximalists happy, but can you gain mass adoption and development without a token? There is something to be said about pumponomics and using governance tokens to excite the community.

I’m curious if anyone can speak to this topic as it pertains to the long term viability of this project.

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@dseroy RGB and DLC are FAR from maturity. Sovryn is not tied to any specific technology. The SOV token is a community coordination token that future-proofs the system by allowing it to adopt any future tech.