Messina Bridge idea

One suggestion I was thinking about for a while:
Approaching the team to build a bridge from Sovryn/rsk to Algorand.
They have already built bridges from other EVM chains (mainly Ethereum and Polygon) for stablecoins and WBTC to Algorand.
Algorand Defi is still small, hungry for liquidity, especially Stablecoins and BTC, and growing.
They might be interested, and it could be a substantial use case for DLLR.

Thanks for the suggestion! We are looking at other bridges right now, preference is for a solid bridge that supports a relatively large number of chains already. Also, since this bridge would benefit the whole Rootstock ecosystem, not just Sovryn, this might be something you want to bring up to the IOV Labs team (who maintain Rootstock and do partnerships on behalf of the whole ecosystem).

I know that Inga is now trying to talk to the Messina guys.

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